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Losing my sight has impacted my level of activity outdoors, but it is important for me to find a way to still continue to be active. Although my daily chores keep me up and about I thought it was still important to have an exercise routine. At the moment I have a stationary peddle that I try to use but recently I came across and EyesFree Fitness programs for the blind (

This programme offers audio instructions for exercises that provide enough audio description to allow blind users to follow along. The difficulty of the programme is very inclusive and I believe that it can be used by anyone, even seeing persons. The programme is also free to use and download is very easy.


Netflix Audio Description

Netflix not only has hundreds of content but many of that content is Audio Described. Audio-Description is an audio option on Netflix which provides narration that describes visual elements of the scenes for the blind and visually impaired.

This option helps me follow along with the story of the show or movie without missing any details that may have been non-audible. This option can be found by going to audio options in the title selected, once you have selected this option several times Netflix will apply this option automatically.

Some of my favourite audio described titles on Netflix are A fall from Grace, Anne with an E, The Yard, The Fall, Money Heist, What happened to Monday.


Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app available on Android and iOS smartphones where blind or visually impaired persons can make video calls to sighted volunteers to get visual assistance for free. The volunteers can help you with recognising money, determining the colour of clothes, anything that you would require a sited person for.



The Hadley School for the Blind is a virtual institution that provides learning experiences for the blind and visually impaired from their home. I use The Hadley school to learn Braille but they offer Adult Continuing Education Programmes, Family Education Programmes (for friends and family) as well as Professional Studies Programmes.


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