The Sixth Sense

We have five senses: smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing. But I believe losing three of these senses lead me to develop a sixth one. It’s nothing science fiction related or supernatural but I do believe it helps make up for what I lack.

It’s hard for me to describe this sense other than it’s the sense of sensing things.

This sixth sense helps me feel my surroundings, helps me feel the weather, helps with my cooking and helps me make decisions about the things I can’t see, smell or taste.

For example when I go into a stuffy room. I can’t smell it or see it but somehow I can sense it.

When outside is cloudy or damp, I can’t see the clouds or smell the rain but I sense that it’s different.

It’s also present when I’m eating food. There’s just a feeling I feel that helps me make the decision of whether I like it or not.

I sense the attitude of others, their body language and their energy. I can feel them staring and I can tell when they’re annoyed.

I guess it’s my brain’s way of adapting and helping me to survive in this world with only two senses.

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