Living Without Smell

National Sense of Smell Day, April 25, 2020

Today is Saturday, April 25th 2020. According to the official "National Day of” website, it's National Sense of Smell Day. National Sense of Smell Day is the last Saturday in April and is sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute. Schools and educational institutions use this day to offer information on how smell plays a role in our daily life and it’s connection to our sense of taste.

Seeing as I don’t have the sense of smell, I can't relate to how it affects our daily life but I can talk about how not having the sense of smell affects my daily life.

The sense of smell may be one of the most common senses that go and as the sense of smell and taste are connected they usually go together. Many of you have probably experienced losing your sense of smell even if it's just temporarily. We get a bad cold, our noses get congested and we can't breathe. Then you lose your sense of smell which leads to you not being able to taste. I don't have a permanent congested nose but I do have a permanent loss of smell and taste. I lost these senses after suffering from nasal polyps and the subsequent operation, the lost was gradual and I have adjusted to this life by changing my way of living. However, after losing my sight, not having the ability to smell adds to the difficulty, but I make do.

Sometimes not being able to smell has its benefits, the main benefit is not having to smell terrible odours. So in honour of National Sense of Smell Day, here are 15 things I can't smell.

15 things I don’t Have to Smell Anymore

  1. The foulest fart

  2. Raw fish

  3. Broccoli being cooked

  4. Fish markets

  5. Fish in a microwave

  6. Broccoli in a microwave

  7. Stale leftovers

  8. Cabbage

  9. Garbage

  10. Sewage

  11. Sweat

  12. Bad breath

  13. Dirty hair

  14. Feet

  15. Dirty clothes